A Note on Dive Bag Problems – Snorkeling

When posting the page about the importance of having a good dive bag I thought back to a Seychelles diving trip I had when a bag that had been brought with me had literally collapsed at the hotel prior to departing for a dive trip.

snorkel mask

The bag itself was – or so I thought! – absolutely fine, but the problem was the zipper was completely ruined when someone at the hotel had spilt something onto it.  I have yet to discover quite what, but the problem was sufficient to render the zipper inoperable.  Slightly frustrating when you’re looking forward to the diving trip of a lifetime at Cap Ternay Marine Park in the Seychelles.

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Eventually we prised the zipper free and literally ripped the bag open.  It destroyed what I had thought was an entirely good dive bag but it was nevertheless one that did have a poor zipper.  Some of my companions compared ‘zipper notes’ and both the stitching and the quality of the actual zip on the bag were poor compared to theirs.

It’s the sort of thing that you may not necessarily closely consider when you look at diving bags in a dive shop or elsewhere, but attention to detail on these things is really important if you want to have a great diving vacation and avoid the sort of trouble I experienced.